Community Partners

Team Training Class


Qualified applicants are invited to attend a two to three-week training class with a parent or guardian (if applicant is a minor), along with other applicant families, in the Grants Pass, Oregon area. Invitation to a specific class is dependent upon the needs of the applicants and the availability of specifically trained dogs in our program at that time.

During Team Training, students are paired with their prospective dogs and are trained to work together as a team. Subjects covered during class include: leadership skills, canine health care, dog training skills, canine behavior psychology, public etiquette, and safety. Class consists of training exercises both in the classroom and in public, lectures, videos, and written and practical tests.

Canine Angels charges an instructional fee for Team Training. Due to the generosity of our volunteers and supporters, our dogs are provided at no cost. The Team Training fee is due upon invitation to participate in a specific Team Training class.

Travel, lodging, meals (except for continental breakfasts and some lunches that are provided by volunteers and donors), and class costs such as field trips are the responsibility of applicant families.