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Sponsor a Dog in Advanced Training

When our dogs are about a year old, they return to the kennel in Oregon for Advanced Training. This is an expensive time for us. Each dog undergoes heart, hip and eye tests and gets a round of vaccinations.

This is the list of items needed for each dog in advanced training. Each $ symbol equates to approximately $100.     

Heart, Hip & eye tests, vaccinations $$$$$     


Medical Expense Fund     

Transportation from puppy raiser     

Insurance for transport     

Child’s wading pools     

Health Care Kit $$ (from New Dog Kit below)     

At Home Kit $$$ (from New Dog Kit below)


With our kennel full again for the next 10 months, we are also in need of

1 Security/observation system, for security as well as observing behavior of dogs in the kennel

Kennel disinfectant and cleaning supplies

4 metal garbage cans to store food

This is a list of equipment used for skill building in advanced training.  

Electric wheel chairs, scooters     

Wheel chair ramps     

Exercise pens     

Wolf Packs     

Access Button     

Ramps and sets of stairs (agility equipment) to help build confidence
New Dog Kit

These are lists of supplies needed for each dog. They might be used by a puppy raiser, breeder caretaker, or new graduate, or a dog in advanced training. Each $ sign equates to approximately $100.  

General Supplies $$     

   Dog tags     



   Snoot Loop/Sensation harness     

   Starter food   

   Gift card for pet supply store

“At Home” Kit $$$     

   Food and water bowls     



   Toys (Kong, Rhino, Nyla bone, stuffed toy, Tuffi, Egg Babies, Waggle)     

   Poop scooper     

   Nature’s Miracle
   Travel Kit     

   Collapsible water bowl         

   Poop bag dispenser

Health Care Kit $$     

   Brush (or Furminator)     

   Ear wash (Witch Hazel or other Wash)   

   Baby Wipes     

   Canine Tooth Brush and Paste     

   Heartworm and Flea Preventative      


   Nail care kit (clippers or dremmel type tool)

Please contact us if you would like to help sponsor a Canine Angels dog in Advanced Training.