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Team Training 2011

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Day 7

Today was a great day! The class met at Puppy Raiser Coordinator Sheila's house for a delicious breakfast (provided by Board member Steve) and then it was PLAY TIME! We lined the dogs up and let them all go at the same time. The dogs had so much fun running and chasing each other around the huge fenced yard. A few of them even ventured into the pond.

Next, we started bathing the dogs to prepare for Graduation Day! We had fun and got to use Sheila's professional tub. Thanks, Sheila!

Lunch was provided by puppy raisers Beth and Harry, and the gang headed down to Hellgate Jet Boat Excursions

Day 6

Written by Hope Adrian


Today was the day we had been preparing for: the public access test. We spent the day at the mall where the applicants were tested to see if they can properly handle a dog in a sometimes chaotic situation. Over all today was a very productive day and helped all of us realize how important practice is when working with a dog. EVERYONE PASSED!

Congratulations to our teams!


Day 5

Written by Hope Adrian

Today was all about practice. We practiced working dogs out in public and also worked dogs though a series of obstacles. We started out with a wonderful tour of Fire Mountain Gems & Beads. There we learned about their business and facility. Next we toured the Bear Hotel and looked at all the cool props the warehouse. To end the day, we returned to the building and worked the dogs through an obstacle course and listened to a lecture about grooming. All together today was tons of fun!

A special thanks to Cindy Lou ā€œnā€ Daughter Too Caterers for supplying lunch.


Day 4

Written by Ginger Adrian

Today began with a photo session at Schroeder Park. Those not actively having their picture taken were rotating between stations learning more about dog behavior and corrections from Sandy and Sheila. Our next stop was an outing to the Grange Co-op Ranch Supply. Lots of opportunity to socialize the dogs and get in a little shopping too. Afterwards we went to the building for lunch (provided by Chris & Giff Gates) and then got in some lecture time and watched more of Cesar Milan (aka "The Dog Whisperer") on DVD. Even with the very hot weather, this week is really flying by.

Day 3

Written by Hope Adrian

We focused on two things; distractions and dog behavior. We started out at the building working on ignoring food and squeaky toys. Once all the applicants had been through the maze of food,we left the building to go watch a pack of dogs interact and learn about dog behavior. We watched the dogs carefully, and used our knowledge to try and pick out the alpha female and alpha male.



Day 2

Written by Ginger Adrian

We spent the day today learning about leadership and how to become the pack leader in our home. In addition to the instruction by Sheila and Sandy, we also learned a lot from Cesar Milan, via video, as well. After lunch (provided by Casa Blanca Restaurant) we learned about the difference between training and leadership and spent the day doing our best to implement what we'd learned. By the end of the day, dogs and humans alike were all "dog tired".

Day 1

Written by 2010 Graduate Hope Adrian

Team training started off the morning with breakfast and introductions. We went around the circle sharing our names and our life stories. After introducing ourselves, we were introduced to the dogs available for placement. Now that we all knew each other we could start working. The applicants took turns working with the dogs on various tasks such as light switches, tugging drawers, pushing doors closed and jumping on a grooming table. Once everyone had been through the course, we took a break for lunch (provided by Board member Barry) and followed that up with a little field trip to a yard sale benefiting CAST. After spending time visiting with people and learning how to handle a service dog in a more public setting, we went on a tour of Gates Home Furnishings across the street.

A big thanks to the Gates family and everyone who helped out at CAST'S yard sale.