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Puppy Raiser Application


Address 1:
Address 2:

Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Mobile Phone:

Do you have access to elevators nearby? Yes No
This is a family decision that requires the understanding and support of everyone living in the home. Have you discussed puppy raising with each of them and that they will need to follow certain guidelines? Yes

Have they agreed to support you and the program? Yes

Type of residence:
Do you own your own home? Yes No
(Liability insurance is required. Upon acceptance, Canine Angels will need a copy of proof of liability insurance from your home owner's or renter's policy)
If you rent, do you have your landlord's permission? Yes No
Landlord's Name:
Landlord's Phone:
Size of yard:
Fenced? Yes No
Type of fence?
Height of fence?
What is your occupation:
Your spouse's occupation:
Are you in school? Yes No
Can you bring your pup to school or work? Yes No
Is someone home most of the day? Yes No
Where will you put the dog when you are not home? (Please explain fully)
Will you be leaving the dog home alone a lot? Yes No
What is your dog experience? (Including breeds of dogs you've owned before.)
Have you taken obedience class? Yes No
If yes, training method used:
Please list names and relationships of all people living in your home, as well as ages of minors:
Please list all household pets and livestock, including species, ages, sexes, and whether spayed, neutered, or intact:

Veterinarian's Name:
Veterinarian's Phone #:

You'll have to give up your puppy for advanced training when s/he is between 12-18 months old, if you do not care for the puppy properly or follow the puppy raiser guidelines?
Yes, I understand
Are you and your family willing to make that long of a commitment?
Yes, I understand
You must follow CAST guidelines or we may ask for the dog back at any time.

Some of the guidelines are:
Taking care of all of the animal's needs, such as: food, water, shelter, medical needs, love and attention.
The dog is to be with you and indoors as much as possible (these pups are not outdoor dogs).
Being commited to socializing the pup to different people, animals and environments.
You must take the pup to basic obedience classes, and crate train him/her.
You must stay in contact with us on a monthly basis through the puppy reports and emails.
You must keep your contact information current and respond to us when contacted.

NOTE: Staff is always there to support and assist the puppy raisers through the hard times as well as wanting to share in the good times. We strive to achieve open communication at all times. Please feel free to contact us with questions about raising your pup or program policies.

You are responsible for initially picking up your pup and then returning your pup for advanced training. We are based in Grants Pass, Oregon, but pick up and return locations may vary. Are you willing to arrange and cover the costs for this?
Some of the expenses that Puppy Raisers are responsible for are: quality food, vaccinations, medical bills, monthly flea and heart worm prevention, micro chipping, a dog crate, training classes, and travel costs. These are part of the puppy raiser obligations. Are you will to provide these necessities?
I understand that it is my obligation to spay/neuter my puppy in training if he or she is not chosen for the breeding program, but that I must wait to get approval from CAST personnel before doing so.
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